The Role of Store Facilities in Mediating the Effect of Service Quality on Consumer Satisfaction (Case Study of Muncul Jaya Stores Brebes)


  • Tedy Saputra Universitas Muhadi Setiabudi
  • Nuroksi Apipah Universitas Muhadi Setiabudi
  • Ari Kristiana Universitas Muhadi Setiabudi
  • Indah Dewi Mulyani Universitas Muhadi Setiabudi
  • Yenny Ernitawati Universitas Muhadi Setiabudi


facilities, service quality, customer satisfaction


This study aims to analyze the role of store facilities in mediating the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction at the Muncul Jaya Brebes Store. Respondents in this study are consumers who have made purchases at the supermarket for a maximum period of 3 months when this research was conducted. With the number of respondents as many as 95 people selected by random sampling. Data were collected using questionnaires and interviews, and analyzed using descriptive analysis and path analysis. The results prove that service quality has a significant effect on consumer satisfaction, and store facilities have a significant effect on customer satisfaction and, indirectly, the results of the study prove that store facilities affect customer satisfaction through service quality.